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When was the last time you allowed yourself some time to rest? If you’re a go-getter who needs every single item from your list checked at the end of the day, you should be including rest as part of your list. We know it’s hard to believe that sacrificing rest would make us more productive, but studies suggest that working less actually makes us accomplish more.The concept of “rest” goes beyond just physical relaxation and absence of tasks. It encompasses various dimensions of well-being and can
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Finding Calm in Chaos: How to Beat Stress During Challenging Times

ARTICLE: Admit it, we tend to loosely use the word “stress” to describe certain inconveniences that come our way. We can’t really be blamed though. Imagine starting the day forgetting your wallet at home, or spilling coffee on your white shirt, or realizing too late that you are a day away from a deadline— “Nakaka-stress!” (It's so stressful!) As it is taken lightly as a term at the workplace and in our daily lives, “stress” unwittingly loses its real meaning, thus can lead to mismanagement or even neglect. So how do we know if we are already experiencing stress? What do we do about it?
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Battle of Doctor Foster trailers: The World of the Married vs. The Broken Marriage Vow

REVIEW: BBC’s Doctor Foster has its 6th adaptation, ABS-CBN’s The Broken Marriage Vow.

More commonly known as Korea’s The World of the Married, the local adaptation released its full trailer on December 15, 2021, and fans are already looking forward to seeing the Pinoy version.

It features a star-studded cast headlined by Jodi Sta. Maria as Dr. Jill Ilustre (Dr. Ji Sunwoo), Zanjoe Marudo as the unfaithful husband David Ilustre (Lee Tae-oh), and Sue Ramirez as the mistress Lexy Lucero (Yeo Da-kyung).
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Curing the Squid Game hangover: what to do after watching

ARTICLE: Squid Game has captured the entire world’s attention due to its disturbing depiction of a capitalist society.

The show’s take on what survival means involves plenty of bloodshed, but the real horror lies in its premise—how money can decide whose lives are worth keeping.

Bingeing the series could leave both an unsettling and cathartic feeling, so here are a few tips to cure the Squid Game hangover, or at least figure out what to do next after the thrilling experience:

The Penthouse mania: K-drama akin to Pinoy teleserye

ARTICLE: The Penthouse: War in Life, a Korean drama, offers a story of rivalry, revenge, and betrayal fueled by selfish interests and ambition.

The title refers to the penthouse of Hera Palace, the 100-floor apartment whose upper-class residents are driven to compete for more power and influence in high society.

Oh Yoon-Hee (Eugene), Shim Su-Ryeon (Lee Ji-Ah), and Cheon Seo-Jin (Kim So-Yeon) are the three powerful women driven by revenge in The Penthouse PHOTO: The Penthouse (Viu)

The drama revolve